Deep Purple

Deep Purple Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Medical strain in Maryland: very smooth and potent when smoked or mixed in a nice salad of colors to vape all of your favourite weed colors :)
Very good

Literally had me and my brother thinking we were seeing faces in the cloud.
Very good

As someone who suffers from sleep deprivation and anxiety, this strain is perfect. It helped me sleep soundly, relieved my anxiety, and helped relieve my back pain.
Very good

Great body high, very relaxing and also gave me euphoric effects
Very good

Great strain with a nice heavy high, one of my favorites! Beware of dry mouth.
Very good

beautiful pleasant grape smell. and a musky grape taste. my buds had no purple like i desired, but color doesn't produce a better high. this one produces a pretty strong body high. very noticably felt. if you try to get up, your body is like "do i have to?" . i ended up being couchlock lazy. didn't want to move for nothing. fairly good strain in my opinion. good for those looking for a good taste and a different high ex...
Very good

I feel asleep from smoking half a bowl coming from someone with a high tolerance
Very good

I can't really remember how it tastes, but two minutes after my first bowl it had me singing along to Nickelback.
Very good

3.8? Fuck... you people don't know what's good!

Mediocre at best!