Deep Chunk

Deep Chunk Cannabis Strain

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Very good

very happy and uplifting

A quick come on with a trippy/gone mental state setting in first. Surprising energy with crystal clear awareness and stability. So similar to Bubba Kush, it feels like an almost better (more sativa) version. As though Sour Diesel was sprinkled in. Soaring mood elevation that’s uplifting and encourages dancing, but also has a raw streak emotionally that can be a little racy in the chest. That mostly just adds an edge to the b...
Very good

Lovely Strain! The flavors of Deep Chunk are exotic and sophisticated; With fragrant notes of Potpourri.

Great night-time strain. Smells like ripe plum flesh!
Very good

Have had the privilege to smoke this strain for years and is always fantastic
Very good

Very tasty. Especially vaped. Almost like a beautiful blue lotus flower. The ones old Asian men send young Asian men to mountain tops to retrieve to heal all wounds. Are there any Asian blends out there,? Just a Deep Chunk thought.
Very good

i am in love with this i have some right now and it's good and it's food for my ADHD
Very good

This is one of my favorite strains! This bud produces more keef than any strain yet. The green and purple flower that smells like heaven. The taste is remarkable and the relaxation is even better. Hope you are hungry because the munchies kick in hard. This is a winner for everyone

The Deep Chunk strain is a potent Indica that has been in high demand worldwide for more than 40 years. Consisting of dense buds that are loaded with trichromes, Deep Chunk is somewhat deceiving because it isn't as fragrant as one might expect, making it a little easier to conceal if needed. Overall the profile of Deep Chunk is earthy and smells of freshly cut and dried sweet grass with a hint of woodsy mushrooms. The t...