Death Star

Death Star Cannabis Strain

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Very good

It packs a punch and brings an intense buzz with euphoria. There's some heaviness in the limbs with an overall feeling of elation; I really like this high.
Very good

This one gives me a strange sensation of warmth that seems to start outside my body. One night I was lying on my bed, watching a movie and enjoying the solid warmth of a cat cuddled next to me... But then I realized I didn't have a cat anymore. Looked down--no cat. What a great sensation!
Very good

This strain is the bomb. Hit me slow. Nice taste if you like a strong taste. And thrn boom I had massive energy... And now my body is numb and not hurting... And head high now.. Great strain... But very strong... Love it enjoy... Puff puff
Very good

This strain is by far the most outstanding strain for a person like myself!! I’ve been using marijuana for 17 years to help with various medical conditions and if you need something to really let your mind open up freely and happily this is the strain you are in fact looking to get your lungs on!!! Let me know how you feel after this miracle strain use...
Very good

This strain had a great taste and was very potent but i had Death Star in wax form and the high was great took away any cares that might be toxic to your mind. Good strain over all, and I smoked this strain both during the day and at night and never had a problem with being sleepy, but I was definitely relaxed
Very good

Thise stuff is really good. Gets me high really fast and is a nice body high

Strong one, would hit you hard. Not for beginners. I felt completely smashed after smoking with my vap. Excellent for sleep and lack of appetite. Not daytime strain.

Probably great for a lot of folks but I do have a tendency to experience paranoia and anxiety, this strain definitely brought that out for me whereas other strains have worked great.
Very good

I'm not a strain expert myself that's because I give it 4 stars. I got this strain near where I live. The strain itself is very potent. The scent will go right through the container. It literally stunk up my room so be prepared. After taking a few hits, I would say it is very strong. I'm a Indica user myself and I love this strain. When it wears off I don't feel as tired as I do when consuming other strains (via bowl and l...
Very good

works very well for pain and has long lasting buzz.