Death Star OG

Death Star OG Cannabis Strain

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It took a while for the effects to kick in, but once they did, everything felt slowed down and my head felt light. I felt like I was de-attached from my body and my movements were delayed. It was really enjoyable. I wish it made me more sleepy for an indica.
Very good

Good body high

Death Star OG from a care package that was sent to me last week from a Patient Friend in Vancouver BC. This super powerful Indic Dominant strain is by Sour Diesel x Sensi Star OG parents. Now usually I steer well clear of any Sour Diesel that I come in contact with as this stain has always given me the worst headaches, but curiously Death Star OG is not one of them. She is one of the only Indica that I have had in the pa...
Very good

Vaped this with a Refine cartridge and got super high. It made my boyfriend need to lie down and be quiet but kept me awake, mind racing, and chatty, so it must affect different people differently. I had a great time, but I wouldn't say this helped me sleep. It has other benefits, though--a very sexy weed.
Very good

The most gassy bud ever! Smells like diesel and taste like it. Good stuff.

Did not like the taste. It is one of the harshest weeds I've ever smoked
Very good

love this strain by FDG. so incredibly yummy and potent
Very good

This strain is great for people with insomnia issues. I generally have a hard time sleeping even when using heavy indicas, but this strain does the job for me. It burns super slow and evenly so it makes for great joint weed.

The strain is a very good bedtime nightcap: deep body relaxation. However, this particular product was closer to shake rather than flower.

I was expecting a much more potent high from this strain. I was happy, smoking with friends and family over Christmas, but my high didn't last too long. I found myself returning to the cold laundry room (our assigned smoke spot) to light a bowl. Some coughing, but mostly a pleasant smoke, leaves much to be desired though.