Deadwood Cannabis Strain

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This strain is a very relaxing weed and i can Focus i have alot of stress and this hella help

A focused, yet laid back feeling. Easy, one toke dosing. Not very keefy in my experience, local avg around 14-16%. A great med, not what a recreational smoker would usually go for if they want a huge bang. Usually carries, from what I've seen around, 0.1-0.15 CBD.

Hailing from Florence OR I was quite excited to try this one, even if just for the name sake of deadwood OR WHICH this strain is NOT actually from or named after however, I suppose the gram I got could have been poorly grown, but at a modest 16.78% thc it left a significant amount of room for improvement the taste was meh and so were the medical effect's. One thing I thought was rather funny is I was choosing between this s...
Very good

As a daily smoker this indica didn't couch lock me as I'd hoped it would was definitely a cerebral high with lots of thoughts... lol great bud overall and after a little bit it settles in even more.... great high

Deadwood is a very smooth high in my opinion. It starts pretty light and relaxed and then with a little time really hits your body. I was very relaxed and calm, yet still felt mentally sharp.

First time I've ever recommended not smoking something. The muscle heaviness was too much. It actually made my neck hurt at the base of my skull, made my jaw feel stiff and gave me a killer headache. My wife experienced similar effects. If you're not ready for an extremely heavy stony body high I would suggest avoiding this one.
Very good

Very good Indica Dominant $train. Look is amazing, texture, taste. . . A real creeper high. . Definetly a great $train. OH BOY! Kali Luv