Darth Vader OG

Darth Vader OG Cannabis Strain

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Very good

The bag appeal on the Darth Vader OG I recently picked up is astonishing, quite possibly the best-looking weed I've ever seen. Upon opening the bag it smells like Grapes and ONLY Grapes, it smells incredible. The taste was also grapey with a bit of gas. The High is really relaxing while uplifting at the same time!
Very good

very good for pain while you work.
Very good

super smooth for bongs, good chill feel
Very good

I'll just say this, the description is spot on! A truly amazing strain
Very good

Felt a little paranoid at first but once I let the strain do it’s job it was very relaxing and enjoyable
Very good

Nice and smooth. I barely coughed at all. No mind high; quite a nice body high. Relaxing, calming, de-stressing...I kind of felt like I was floating a little. Big fan of this strain. Repeat customer!

Darth Vader OG is a current strain from one of my gardens and I am enjoying it as much as the Skywalker OG parent strain crossed with Purple Kush and it's a very purple strain at that. This hard hitting indica strain is definitely not for those that prefer mild strains. As this is a heavy indica with recommendations that night time use is when it would be most appropriate to use. I would recommend this stain to the more ch...
Very good

Became a favorite almost instantly. Sex was great, the conversations were great (even though I was mostly listening, I could kind of follow conversation but I couldn't formulate my own thoughts very well), music was incredible. my body and mind both felt a mild euphoria. the only downside for me was the dry mouth, dry eyes, and (very) mild paranoia. definitely a good one to fall asleep to or spend with someone one on one tha...
Very good

Head weighty high. Not quite a bedtime strain, but if you’re looking for a deep meditative indica, fill a bacta tank up with this dank lord of the sith and crush your personal rebel alliance. Kuush Puhhrrrr Kuush Puhhrrrr Kuush Puhhrrrr
Very good

This is a super dope strain if you can find it. I use this almost exclusively for night time, I have found it is the best strain for sleeping. Lots of indicas will knock you out but I have found most will leave me with a groggy feeling when I wake up. This stuff straight up knocks you out like gravol, then when you wake up you’ll be totally refreshed and ready to get moving which I’ve never experienced before with an indica....