Danky Doodle

Danky Doodle Cannabis Strain

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I am smoking it right now and I am half way on a blunt and let me tell you I have been smoking bud since I been 16 years old and this shit got me high as hell love it... It took me a whole blunt to right this hahaha : )
Very good

Smoked all of it before i got to taste it. Very relaxing and calming ti the mind but, if you wanna do something that day...cancel it lol.
Very good

The best strain I've had. Very deep and chill, but focused.

Got this for my vape and love it.
Very good

Got a bunch of this. Was alot like your old school stoned out budn amplified by 1000. They were all perfect little crystal covered buds. The smell was earthy and dank. Not a distinct smell like alot of buds now. The taste was similar, earthy dankness with some sweet notes. Definetly a nice bud to chill back on a sunday with, not great for getting things done.
Very good

odd plant, went dwarf on me,but the bud is one I will always remember,really messes you up in the best way,amazing for fun early nights(wink wink)
Very good

Gets you high asf. One of my fav strains

gets you super stoned so if your down to chill and do nothing then this is for you. if you want to be in public it is an awkward high to have in public
Very good

must try
Very good

I was orginally told by the person who supplied me this strain that it was called "Yankee Doodle". Because it impacted me more like a pure sativa, I didn't believe that it was in actuality Double D. I didn't so much enjoy the flavor of this strain but gave it 5 stars based solely on it's high. It hit me hard and fast. Like nothing I've smoked before. Long lasting racing stoned. no impedement on cognative functions. Instead ...