Crown OG

Crown OG Cannabis Strain

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Very good

This one was nice after a long day of work. With some sativa euphoria then a instant Indica feeling of relaxation kicks in. One of the top ogs I’ve had. Got it from

Crown OG is a great strain! All the amazing effects of an Indica, but the same wonderful brain buzz from a good, relaxing Sativa strain. super beautiful buds, dense and sticky, and the smoke tastes great! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that this strain doesnt cause me any anxiety (or paranoia), because even some Indicas do... i have really bad anxiety so that may be why... and some Indicas sort of inadvertently cause me a bit of anxiety,...
Very good

My favorite so far. No stress, just a feel-good strain.

I was looking for something to relax me and make me sleep and this bitch did just that good for relaxing and sleep I love it
Very good

Awesome strain. I asked the budtender which of the indica strains were the strongest because they tend to last the longest, and I don't have to smoke as much. It also smelled the best of what she showed me. A great earthy lemon lime scent and I loved that. When I smoked it, it put me on Mars and I was watching the band perform on TV with a heat map. It was awesome. It lasted a while too, maybe 3 hours! I recommend this for p...
Very good

Smoked and smelled really good. First time I picked it up and it was from BMW on Bancroft in San Diego. Put me in a nice trance after one pull.
Very good

I give this strain 4 1/2 stars because it has you super high don't get me wrong but if you sit down you will pass out 💪🏿
Very good

Definitely gave me a couch-lock sensation. Also, a numbing and tingly all over feeling that makes you feel like you're being hugged by cotton balls.
Very good

This is by far one of the best Indicas I've every had. I've tried way over 100 strains and most Indica strains. Great for insomnia for sure. You literally fall asleep happy. No anxiety or paranoia at all. Recommend 100%.
Very good

"prepare for happiness" 💑