Critical Sensi Star

Critical Sensi Star Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Critical Sensi Star, that is what you are Comin from afar, reachin for the stars Run away with me, to another place We can rely on each other, uh-huh From one corner, to another, uh-huh This strain is no ghetto super star – it's the critical sensi star, and its effects are critical. This indica dominant strain is here to relieve your pain. Get ready to sail through the galaxy like a shooting star. Grown by Harvest, ...

This strain was ok. Not the greatest but not terrible by any means. It mad me extremely tired so would be very good for people looking for a strain to help them sleep. Overall good relaxing strain. Good taste.

I'm pretty new to medicinals so I'm still finding what works for my insomnia. This did the trick to relax my entire body but it was kind of boring. I don't know, maybe it was the mood I was in but usually I can't stop laughing but not with this stuff. I just sat there.

Tastes of lemon and tobacco. Just energetic enough to get you home and to your couch, then it's music time. You won't instantly go to bed, but you'll be in bed.
Very good

when I have a little, my aches and pains melt away. when I have a lot, my brain thinks exclusively in 80s hand-drawn animations. a good time is always had. the pre-rolls that I got had a total cannabinoid content of just 16.47%, but the other lovely brain-tickling chemicals are a strong presence, and my brain really digs them. it *does* make my hypersomnia a little more... active? (more like inactive, ammirite?? heh. sle...
Very good

Relaxing!!! Stress no more!! Strong shunky smell. Good taste not to harsh.

Got ahold of a gram of OP concentrates shatter of this strain. Is a very flexible strain. One dab is extremely functional and relaxing, good afternoon or weekend smoke. However, a larger dose just recently has left me extremely baked. For about the first 3 minutes it was a bit rough but its settled into a very strong Indica high but it isn't knocking me out. Skunky, earthy with a stronger citrus exhale. Upon exhale, immedi...

One small bowl from my Firefly and the relaxation doesn’t take long to set in, maybe five minutes. Very much an indica, gives a relaxing body buzz and if you go beyond just a bowl, expect this strain to knock you out into a blissful and relaxing sleep.
Very good

Great strain if you’re dealing with body pain and insomnia! Very very dense nugs