Critical Plus 2.0

Critical Plus 2.0 Cannabis Strain

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Best strain ever!
Very good

This is definitely a hard hitting indica. Extremely relaxing and sleep inducing. Best for a night time smoke in my opinion.
Very good

Lemony notes with a stimulating creative buzz. Its strength needs to be respected, more sativa in feel imo. Makes you super horney aswell, my wife agreed ;)
Very good

A decent indica. Seems almost twice as strong as Critical Plus. Definite woody taste on the exhale. Great pain killer I use it for the pain I get from scoliosis, degenerative disc disease, herniated discs, migraines, and any stomach pain. If you have trouble getting hungry this strain is a great appetite stimulant.

Makes you horny, the real viagra. Try it for giggles

I prefer Indica dominant hybrids and pure Indica strains but this one doesn't do it for me AT ALL because it makes me very anxious (the anxiety typically lasts about 30-40 min and subsides). I've consumed this strain on three occasions with the same negative effect so I've decided to drop it from the rotation. IMHO it is very strong strain even though the THC content tested at 18.9% which isn't super high. Proves yet agai...

Thé first strain i smoke, it's very exceptionnal tout çan smoke this strain at thé morning ans afternoon, and After thé effect of the weed, you are very hungry et you can eat anything you want ^^
Very good

This strain is pretty strong She has a mild lemoney taste, is very smooth to the throat and doesnt cause much nausea nor munchies very easy to grow too (grew it in my garden in central european climate) recommend it for everyone real nice except for occasionnal smokers that smoke too much... felt like a heart attack XD Also... smoke id when youre with your wife/gf ;)

Super relaxing with strong high. I would recommend this strain to anyone with insomnia, or just if you want to get good night sleep.
Very good

Outstanding taste & the buzz is super relaxing. Probably one of the best strains to make medical grade oils.