Critical Kush

Critical Kush Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Picked this up from ocs, by Edison. As described in the text above it has a distinct "spice" flavour it instantly reminded me of pepper. nice mellow pain soothing body vibes.
Very good

Even if you have high tolerance, this is a special strain. Take a few hits, close your eyes, and play one of your favorite albums in its entirety. Drift away.
Very good

Pretty good! Hits hard, tastes decent. Not my favorite but I'd get it again. Perfect for really long car rides!
Very good

Love critical,def a go to strain when stressed out and also great night time medication,helps with muscle spasms and really helps with staying asleep or u can say that CriticL Kush is a great night time Smoke
Very good

not ny favourite flavour, honestly, but the perfect high for a nap in the sun. happy, chill, high.
Very good

After I injured my neck muscles due to exercise, I had a toke of this strain. The next day, my neck was still uncomfortable, but it helped a lot. This is a great pain reliever.

I tried this when I was smoking by myself on an easy evening, and after two hits everything felt amazing and beautiful inside. Also very relaxing and problems disappeared. When I got up I got the familiar surprise hit and it felt as if I was walking on clouds and as if I was floating on my carpet. Music felt louder en clearer and the bass felt amazing in my body. Amazing strain 10/10 would recommend.
Very good

Hadany times despite it being illegal in the uk we still get some bad boy bud got to love them cally connections

An indica that doesn't put me to sleep. Hurray!

I'm a seasoned smoker (so i thought) and I pulled 2 geebs of critical Kush and I got stoned. My feelings in my body made me very happy, incredibly giggly and I felt amazing. I completely recommend this.