Cream Caramel

Cream Caramel Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Growing: Got one of these seeds, Germinated and had a 3cm root within 48 Hours. Growing this the buds where absolute perfect and stunning, Took me 8 Weeks of flowering then another 2 for Flushing and the out come was outstanding!. Took me 9 Days to dry before being put into jars to cure, Popping these jars every so ofter the smell was increadable and absolute fruity! It was like a sherbet sweetie, Never smelt anything like ...
Very good

A little background: I’m currently three months into grieving over the very traumatic and sudden death of my fiancé. He was killed by a drunk driver when we were hit head on by a wrong way car on the highway. I made it out fine, but witnessed the entire accident and his death. Needless to say, I have a looot of shit to sort out. I’ve smoked my way through a few strains, trying to find one that helps me get through my grief...
Very good

It took me a bit of searching to find this under Caramel Cream. I bought this as Sweet Candy, as a heavy indica. I couldn't find SC on here, but seedbanks listed it as the same genetics and growing as CC. The buds have the same dark color and puffy appearance, and it definitely tastes sweet, while it creeps up on you with a tingling sensation and a slow, calm, focussed mind. Early on very couchlocked, later more sociable. Bu...
Very good

great strain but not the most powerful, very clean high and focus all time, for cronic back pain is perfect, it does not leave red eyes at all.

I was hoping to get my hands on 5 grams of Cannadential but luckily i found just 3, which made me give this strain a go. All-in-all, I find it to be sensory-wise, nothing special- OK smell and taste and beautiful looking flowers-, but the buzz is so good. It helped me relax for a while after a pretty hectic day and enjoy a nice burrito and some videogames.
Very good

This strain had me with it's name, and after smoking it...again and again and again, I think I like it. Just not sure why 🙃, I guess it just works well with my sessions. Smooth with a very small strain on the throat on exhale (disappears as quickly as appearing).
Very good

I've tested a batch of Cream Caramel that i've grown, treated and cured myself and here is what i've learned: 1st batch was an early harvest with almost exclusively white pistils. Heady high, kind of euphoric, clear and energetic with almost non-existant couch lock. I always want to get moving when smoking a small amount of it. Though it provokes some anxiety, that could be because it's an early harvest and not cause of the...
Very good

efecto intenso de relajación, muy muscular , para una noche tranquila netflix and chill
Very good

Relaxes the body and mind. Very useful for treating ADHD and anxiety. One of my favourite strains.
Very good

Excelente sabor, muy dulce. Ideal para relajarse, ver tv y escuchar música.