Cornbread Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Nice, heavy indica. I slept so well for the first time in ages. Decent couch lock. I am to relaxed to type much more. If you have the chance to get this strain, enjoy it and don’t plan on much

This strain is so awesome, made me and my friends have a great night, it made swimming so fun, and eating food has never been better (:
Very good

The name caught me being a southern lady knowing how to make forward cornbread gave me memories of cornbread & cocktails at Red Rock Canyon Grill. The smell was the clincher. Beautiful citrus aroma and a fruity hint. Smoked great nice pleasant relaxed body high and mind relaxant. Sleep hasn't hit yet but I am sure to be meeting the Sandman soon. HUGE HIT, HUGE.
Very good

Potent and delicious. One bt was all I needed,but it tasted so bomb I kept loading 'em. Bloom in Peoria is keeping me right, Peace

This stain is amazing! If you have trouble sleeping, this is the strain to smoke. After smoking you will have crazy munchies.

The one time I smoked this, I ended up flat on my ass in a different dimension, with tremors to boot. For whatever reason, despite its many health benefits and its calming effect, I did not have a positive experience with this strain. I kept texting friends that I was dead. From death, to entertainment, to an afterlife, this strain is not for a weak constitution.
Very good

This is a great strain so far. It took most of my pain away from my back and my feet. It also made me feel so much more happier, and with a positive attitude. This is the first official strain I've had with my new medical card. I will definitely say that this was a GREAT first choice.
Very good

If I need to sleep or completely stop, Cornbread is a great option! I make sure it’s on hand after any surgery or bad injury. It knocks my ass out in a gentle way. Great indica!
Very good

Cornbread is an excellent deep indica. If your looking for a nice couch lock or an awesome nights sleep, Cornbread is for you. If you get it in flower form, you’re in for a treat. It’s got a pungent scent and a savory flavor, and the flower had lovely purple notes. Highly recommended!
Very good

I've been seeing Cornbread around the dispensaries lately and my interest was piqued... asked the budtender about it, she said "heavy indica, define couch lock." Funny thing is, it doesn't give me couch lock at all. It's relaxing, makes me happy, and it makes me get very into whatever I'm doing/watching/taking about. Maybe it's just because it makes me feel so pain and stress free, but I remained alert and attentive with no ...