Corleone Kush

Corleone Kush Cannabis Strain

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This strain goes down pretty smooth, with earthy flavors that warm the throat without creating too much coughing. Immediately after smoking, there's a bit of a head buzz it creates, and the full effect sets in about 2-4 minutes later. While it didn't exactly keep me glued to the couch or anything, I did find myself spacing out quite a bit. Overall, it kept me more alert and capable than some other Indica strains that I've tr...
Very good

This strain has given me a very euphoric relaxing high. I could imagine having a great nights sleep with this. No anxiety with this at all, in fact a sharp clear mind to start with, and then a relaxing body high. Love it! No paranoia at all for me.
Very good

Put my ass right la la land. Didn’t go to sleep but was smack stuck for a while. Concentrate from Verano. Pain killer and sedated as fuck
Very good

Okay, I tried it again with a water pipe - the filtering makes it taste like a strong, tart lemon, kind of like a sour candy, it's actually pretty tasty. The high is pleasantly heavy, like being under a weighted blanket. It's very zoned-out-while-tuned-in, too. Smoked from the right pipe, it's great.
Very good

The buds are not as dense as most indicas, but this strain makes up for it in potency and the kief yield in your grinder. In fact, this strain seemed to produce more kief than was possible from the amount of flower in the grinder, and the flower was still potent without having to add any back to a bowl. The effect is a bit sleepy - if you wake and bake, you may end up falling back asleep for a few hours.
Very good

Relaxed head high. Calm muscles relaxed. Pain lessened from unbearable to close to tolerable level. Definitely gives dry mouth.

This strain was recommended to me for sleep. My pain (nerve damage) makes falling and staying asleep difficult. This strain definitely relaxed my body. My mind however, was launched into some crazy loony tunes orbit. I didn't sleep a wink and rode one of the worst roller coaster highs I have ever had. Definitely made my bi-polar symptoms worse.
Very good

Definitely a couch sinker for me. Lives up to its name as far as strength. I use it to Netflix and chill with.
Very good

Took this in the form of a chocolate edible from Goldleaf (milk chocolate) two hours before my wife had her chemo treatment. She talked through treatment, and got the munchies (she was eating during treatment which is unheard of). No headache, no nausea. I don't know why this strain works the best, but the two times we did not take it (tried another strain) she got ill, and had a bad headache and felt like she was going to d...
Very good

Interesting taste. Very distinct. Def is a Kush in the body high. Heavy thc strain