Copper Kush

Copper Kush Cannabis Strain

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Very good

I like this strain mainly because it doesn't give me the munchies. It brought me mild relaxation while still allowing enough focus and mental clarity to continue daily activities and work.

Great Indica strain, with very strong body high. Was still able to concentrate relatively well, but felt waves of tingles washing over my body, followed by a strong numbing sensation. Overall, very enjoyable.
Very good

This gave me a good head high the first hour. Then I felt a body relaxing high. In 3rd hour, either I became very sleepy or could not sleep depending on person. Did not give a good night's rest. Felt Sativa like to me.

Mostly a body high and very strong. Felt it quickly but the more intense body high came a little later. Made me very sleepy and tingly, a great nighttime smoke but not if you want to do anything other than zombie-out. Great smell, too.