Cookies Kush

Cookies Kush Cannabis Strain

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Very good

For someone who smokes every day, this is one of the best strains I've ever puffed on in my three yearz of smokin! I-m baked AF as im writing this 💚😇❤✌
Very good

I like the pills at my medical shop. I also like to smoke and vape because it cure my anxiety ptsd and chronic pain pills are 106 mg the here in md
Very good

Coo Kush is really really strong. My pheno has little to no Durban or Cherry Kush(GSC) it is a really unique pheno that will put anyone on their arsss
Very good

This review applies to a distillate cart by Liberty of Maryland. Technically the label is Cookies Kush #5. Not sure what the diff is. Anyway I got this for sleep, and it does help with that when I am tired. But I also enjoy it during the day as it works well on pain and makes me happy and relaxed and smiley 😀😀I’ve bought this particular cart twice now and will buy it again

first time i smoked it this damn near knocked me tf out and i couldnt even get and but when i did i felt like i woke up on pluto but eventually youll be able to controll the high
Very good

This was a great strain, had this in Amsterdam on my travels as well, was great before a bike ride
Very good

Really like
Very good

I just smoked about 3 bowls of some tree from Encanto called ‘OG Cookies’ and I figured the parent strains to be a phenotype of og Kush and GSC but will have to confirm. Effects are strong and still somewhat peaked/growing after an hour. Definite body-high and couch lock, also somewhat heady, but not anxiously so. Overall great aroma: heavy berry smell, light pine and light skunk smell. A VERY good tasting strain: simple and...
Very good

Really fun strain to enjoy with some coffee and conversation. This one may keep you glued to the couch physically, but this is a fun head high, and you’ll be waxing poetic in no time. Also, munchies weren’t too bad with this one! I was thirsty, but wasn’t super enticed by food like I usually am with standard middies.
Very good

Nice. Has that OG kush sorta warm bin juice crossed with berry crumble flavor. Nice little buzz thats followed by a heavy riding of the couch. Good night in