Conspiracy Kush

Conspiracy Kush Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Excellent!Soaring,yet relaxing.No migraines here. What I have is only boasting a 13.8 total thc but the entourage effect is on point via the terps.It just feels great
Very good

Up there with the best smelling weeds I have ever smelt. It smells really sweet with a lot of citrus. The high is really calming and giggly. Been watching the Office and laughing my tail off. Top 5 all time strains for me. Must try!
Very good

Exactly what I wanted in a strain. I Love it!!
Very good

So good made me sign up and write a review

This strain has been a God send for sure. I suffer from anxiety and PTSD, and this strain seems to quiet my squirrel cage thinking. I was lucky enough to win 9 seeds, 7 were females and I grew them all to fruition. I will definitely buy seeds again, the genetics are strong as hell and these seeds produce some hefty plants and buds. Heroes of the Farm knocked it out of the park with this one.
Very good

I love Conspiracy Kush. It takes away my generalized anxiety and leaves me feeling relaxed and happy.

This is now one of my favorite strains. I have severe anxiety, specifically social anxiety and this strain was perfect for socializing! I took it everywhere I went cuz it really helped that much. Also loved the creativity I got with this. Such a positive and uplifting strain for sure.
Very good

Was gifted this particular strain by a good buddy and he knocked this one out of the park. He knows I (and the lovely bride) am partial to indicas and found this particular strain when he couldn't locate his favorite (and one of mine)...Presidential Kush. Now this was some great looking candy...covered in gorgeous frosty trichomes and phenomenal purple hues just bouncing off the bright greens. I was immediately stoked. I tho...
Very good

Perfect for the last bowl of the day. 😴 Immediately felt the body-melting relaxation. 👍🏼 Powerful indica!

This shit is bomb it packs a punch I’m on my lunch break right now and I can’t even finish a whole bowl it is a fat bowl though but this Shit be havin my mind wandering off, wondering about wondering n Shit.. I’m relaxed as fuck right now that’s all I know