Congo Cannabis Strain

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Absolutely perfect for the day time !! Energic, talkative and verry happy ! Its my favorite sativa ! I like the smile she pit in my gace and i like to get productive when i skoke this flower !!!
Very good

Congo x Chitral Skunk from Sunrise Wellness Amazing daytime strain for those looking for an uplifting, happy day with a permanent smile later settling into a relaxing, calm and focused buzz.
Very good

Is perfect for a get in a road trip super soft high grea strain
Very good

Top Sativa for me. Normally any Sativa makes me paranoid and anxious. This does not. Top daytime strain. Well able to function while also enjoying the high. couch>
Very good

Phenom, superstar, the best cannabis I have ever discovered for doing weight workouts. It's energetic without being too racy like some sativas. The buds are very airy and wispy compared to the tight nug strains that this gets bread into. It stinks like ammonia when it's really fresh and slowly loses the harsh smell and turns into a more sweeter smell. I highly recommend you try it if you're an athlete and like to have some c...
Very good

In my experience, any strain with "Congo" in it's name is guaranteed to put you in a great mood. Great for daytime smoking; I enjoy smoking it whenever I go shopping, hiking or playing PS4. Can be a tiny bit harsh on the throat, especially when smoked using a pipe, but otherwise a great, fruity, creamy taste on exhale. Absolutely no come down whatsoever, it sort of just wears off and you're good to go for another session. Lo...
Very good

If you want to DO something, to acheive goals, to take pleasure doing so, Congo is for you. You will get enough energy to do so much more than you thought. Any physical activity becomes a fiesta.

smoked before going snowboarding and I felt like I had just drank the best coffee ever! my energy levels were really high and there was no hazy come down at all. One of the best sativas I've smoked.
Very good

Pure clear headed euphoria and energy. Zero residual haziness, if consumed in a small doobie in the morning. Top 5 sativas. Super uplifted long lasting high. Smoke a small doobie in the morning and your whole day as if you drank the best cup of coffee. Maximum productivity zero haziness. Very hard not to do so every morning, as your mood is good the whole day without reason to smoke again till night. Really the kind of stuff...
Very good

Best Sativa I’ve smoked so far! Gives you an incredibly powerful relaxing and happy high! Highly recommend!