Confidential Cheese

Confidential Cheese Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Strain gave me dry eyes like a mother fucker and dry mouth like I never get red eyes at all like a lil tint of ready yea not all the way red it’s crazy
Very good

relaxing but still active light buzz
Very good

WOow. Damn. Well this strain is top 10 all time for me easily. I suffer from posttraumatic stress disorder and Crohn’s disease and I was unable to start my mind and I’m able to relax him a nice big dab of this and wow very calm very relaxed truly is and at peace you feel like you’re floating on a cloud and your body becomes a wait list as your mind slowly follows behind the true Wonderland but you’re entering when you smoke ...
Very good

One of my favorites for relaxation and stress relief. It kind of has a sweet aftertaste too, which is neat!

Used it twice and had nothing but sadness and anxiety. LA Confidential by itself is beyond incredible; crossing it with Cheese ruins it completely. Sometimes breeders should leave well enough alone. Only positive is the incredible taste- like Thai basil and lavender, but I won't use it again, a waste of 12 bucks.
Very good

I don’t generally like India effects, but this one seems to be uncharacteristically good. Although sleepy, I feel focused and thoughtful. Went to the store and functioned well. Definitely had the munchies.
Very good

usual indoor strain ,very sticky a good taste #SA
Very good

One of the strongest strains I have had. Smell was very pungent. Definitely a night time type of flower.

This strain helped me out wonderfully with the extremely severe pain of gout. It didn’t eliminate my pain altogether, but it brought it down to a much more tolerable level. The pain I’m feeling now is dull, almost negligible. The high I have is also not very heavy or heady, and though I wish it did make me drowsy, I’m actually feeling very awake and clear-headed.
Very good

Holy Shit! This strain is a lot of fun! For the first time of all the hundreds of times I've vaped or smoked weed I feel literally high. Like every cell in my body is puffed up with air. Like I could fly away as a balloon. I am feeling high. I tend to gravitate to the more grounding and stony highs, or relaxed cerebral effects. Typical Indica effects. This feels like I would think a sativa feels like (I haven't tried many)...