Commerce City Kush

Commerce City Kush Cannabis Strain

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Very good

My all time favorite!!!!

The bee’s knees!
Very good

I still consider myself new to medicinal marijuana though I was prescribed it last October 17. I've been trying so many different strains (never even knew there were different strains!) for the various health issues, from head to toe. To me, my worst issue is depression, but my spouse thinks it is my fatigue & weakness, since I'm not as productive since becoming sick. Either way, Commerce City has hands down won my heart b...
Very good

Chill out with this strain. Taste like Commerce City.🤣
Very good

This is another one if my favorite RD strains!! I love the flavor and intense aroma that can fill up a shopping mall. Needless to say growing use filtration and novices beware. I can smoke it till the cows come home but funny to watch people say..."I'm toooooo fucked up..." enjoy responsibly!! :)
Very good

nice calming strained that really relaxed my mind. Aided with late night sleeping problems and was an uplifting feeling
Very good

Love the buzz and the mellow letdown. This just fades away with no burnt out feeling. It tastes great and mine was bright green. did not make me as tired as I was looking for but pleasantly mellow.
Very good

Just smoked this with my friends. Literally got into an argument about wether or not we should run up on someone who talks back on the street.. still high too so the feelings are real. Keep it up.
Very good

Surprised this strain isn’t rated higher. Pretty heavy hitter right off the bat and then mellows out to a nice relaxing effect. Def a favorite of mine. It’s a must try.
Very good

anxiety and pain relief