Cinderella 99

Cinderella 99 Cannabis Strain

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Very good

A slight bit of couch lock up front gives way to a euphoric and clear headed high.
Very good

Amazing! Got off of 7 medicines for fibromyalgia. This was one of the first strains that worked well. Also helps with stress and outlook on life. Now feel better than ever have as far as well being and low pain levels.
Very good

One of my favorite hybrids. It's perfect in every way possible. Easy to grow as well.
Very good

The buds were nice and fresh. Smelt good and tasted good. gives an amazing body high for you too relax and enjoy.
Very good

Definitely packs a punch, especially in the beginning when you’re starting from sober. This high is great if you’re looking to stay active and alert. Wouldn’t recommend anymore than a few hits at a time unless you’re experienced with the strain. I really liked the strong citrus flavor, too!
Very good

Awesome sativa dominant hybrid. Great for daytime pain, depression, and anxiety. Sweet and fruity.
Very good

This strain was incredibly easy to cultivate outdoors. It finished flowering in the middle of October. The buds were beautifully crystallized and full of orange hairs. The high was euphoric yet clear so one could function throughout the day. All in all one of my favorite strains that I grew when I was a newbie.
Very good

Damn this shit got me fucked up
Very good

Great for getting up in the morning and getting the aches out to start the day, a quick session with a c99 cartridge will have me feeling good by the end of my shower and overly motivated to make breakfast, pancakes, even waffles it is today! But if you increase dosage a lot it puts you into a nice headspace, and makes colors pop a little, maybe like polarized sunglasses would, but no eye tiredness and still ready to go do ...
Very good

PAX Era pod with this strain gets me through the work day.