Church OG

Church OG Cannabis Strain

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not my favorite but it's cheap.
Very good

My body gets so relaxed, it’s amazing. I’m in a great, happy, mellow mood. I ❤️❤️❤️ this strain!

Just like church, it makes me want to sleep. Oh so appropriately named. It's great for making you comatose, if that's your aim, than perfect.

As a Lyme sufferer, and advocate, I tend to seek out strains that have amazing looks, smells, and taste, but my major focus is how well the strain does it's job in relieving pain and anxiety. Church OG, a hybrid of God's Gift and OG Kush is a definite winner on my list. It packs a smooth taste that starts off as very Earthy, before releasing a slight spicy, flowery terpene profile. Upon exhaling, the smoke expands to leave ...
Very good

Funny story, to the guy down there who said this strain helps with POTs: I’ve been really sick for the last 5 months and no one was able to diagnose me until I saw your comment about POTs and looked into it. I was just diagnosed with POTs a couple weeks ago so thanks dude and this strain is AMAZING for it

Great for medical reasons but fuck it's like smoking black pepper! Mix it with some lemon and it'll go great with a fish dinner!
Very good

I’ve been really sick for about 3 months now and no one can figure out what’s wrong. Among severe nausea I’ve had a ton of other symptoms and the only time i get relief is when I’m smoking this strain. This has quickly become one of my favorite strains!
Very good

This is the first and only (so far) indica I’ve been able to thoroughly enjoy. Mentally, it is lightly relaxing and uplifting. Physically I find it very relaxing and opening, without any heaviness or lethargy. Kind of like a very mild muscle relaxer. Gives me the kind of high that feels almost like not being “high” at all—it peeled the stress and anxiety away and just left me feeling really good. An overall light and uplifti...
Very good

makes me laugh alot. nice edition to the og kush family!
Very good

An OG strain you won't regret picking up Picked up 5gs of private reserve Church OG for $45 from my go to dispensary. Great deal considering an ounce of this stuff went for $270. The overwhelming smell of this strain penetrated through the plastic dispensary container and bag it was contained in. As soon as I popped the jar I was immediately impressed with the smell and "bag appeal" of Church OG. The buds were not too big,...