Chronic Thunder

Chronic Thunder Cannabis Strain

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This is my very best favorite...it works for my constant pain, makes me feel good, calms my body love it
Very good

So far, this is my all time favorite strain. Great body high as well as a calming sensation that comes over you to release all the stress you have built up.
Very good

this is still my favorite indica, wish it was always at the dispensary. honestly it is extremely rare out here. seems every time we get a batch it's gone within a day, 2 max. blessed smell also
Very good

All time favorite medically beneficial strain. My gf suffers from Crohns n this strains high CBD helps with her cramps. Doesn't put me to sleep but doesn't motivate me to move much either haha. All n all great smoke. Highly recommend
Very good

I love ATF so I knew I was gonna like this strain and I got ready because I read the reviews. Netflix binge planned some tasty snacks and fuuuuuuuuck me running did this bud kick my ass! I took two good rip outta my bong and I am sure I cannot tell you one detail about anything that was on the tv and I cleared my pantry out. Like a human garbage disposal I felt so bad but I wasn’t stopping that’s for sure. I took a couple li...

This is a nice evening high. I loved the taste. Long lasting effects. Can’t come up with anything bad. If you smoke too much you get very high and sleepy. Nice sleep.
Very good

10 star rating from me. CT is my favorite strain. I've tried many others for my conditions and nothing works quite as well for all of them. CT is a well rounded strain as it helps me with anxiety, depression, pain, and best of all - sleep! I had insomnia for 16 months then finally after staying chronic thunder I sleep through the night and feel relief! highly recommended. I make Cannabis oil out of it and add it to my chamom...
Very good

Love this one strong and to the point! You will never be disappointed with this one when you can find it!
Very good

Turns tense muscles into jelly. The high cbd content makes it amazing for anxiety.
Very good

Very sticky buds! picked this one up from nirvana in glendale..sticky icky fo sho! very relaxing effects without being to powerful..tingly skin feeling with a sense of bliss/euphoria