Chocolate Hashberry

Chocolate Hashberry Cannabis Strain

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Very good

as I read the reviews, as I love to do with strains (newb) while smoking this strain. I'm just so happy, and some of these posts are in-depth and hilarious. So I'm already feeling the affects and they are awesome. A burstable Indica, fantastic smell and overall I'm loving this feeling.

Mild enjoyable strain that is relaxing but lacks the punch of the best strains out there. Being a premium priced strain, means it needs to be better than the value stuff. Not so with this strain. It's not bad, but really when is it ever bad. Don't buy this strain.
Very good

very tasty strain smooth smoke nice mellow body high will definitely get more of this
Very good

First time I smoked this strain, out of a potato damnit, although I wasn’t blasted, It was great to help boost my energy, very happy and was super motivated, didn’t feel anxious or anything. Easily one of my favorites already!
Very good

The high is a very happy get stuff done high. Very energetic and creative....3 hours into it getting a little sleepy
Very good

This looked too incredible not to try. I smoked some. Sure as shit... I'm just having a good time.
Very good

Not sure if this one is for me. I smoked a gram of this in a blunt and it made me feel so happy and uplifted, everything was great. However as the high went on I became a bit easily annoyed and frustrated at simple things. Other than that it was a brilliant high, I liked it but again it didnt suit me 100%. I would imagine in smaller doses and perhaps on a couch with friends in the evening time after work would be the place f...
Very good

House of cultivar has good oil and flower of chocolate hash berry. Two worlds collide of fruity and stinky weed. Relaxed and euphoric. I highly recommend for anytime and anything.
Very good

Excellent cut of flower acquired at Hotbox farms in Huntington Oregon. Flower grown from Jim Belushi farm in Oregon. Very berry w/ spice undertones on the nose. The smoke was very smooth burned white ash. Terpene profile i acquired was berry/spice on inhale exhale was woody slight nutty.. The high came on quick and focused in head the to a body relaxation. Which allowed you to focus on a task on hand.