Chocolate Glue

Chocolate Glue Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Best thing in the whole wide world. Sweet, Spicy, piney, kind of like a Hindu. Hits your face like boom! Head is up instantly, Muscles relax in seconds, mind clear within a minute. It's lovely.
Very good

Has a coffee/earthy/chocolate scent when breaking apart. We smoked a king size jay and now we're happily watching the SpongeBob movie, if that's any indication of the strain effects. 😂 I can feel my face getting sleepier and sleepier.

I originally thought this was a chocolope and GG#4 cross, but after smoking it and checking leafly, I stand corrected. Spicy herbal coffee and sweet notes come across on nose, with a fairly smooth piney taste. Great, distracting strain. If you need to forget it lose yourself for a few hours without going to sleep, this is a gem.

Heavier head high with creative energy burst