China Yunnan

China Yunnan Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Really relaxing experience with a high level taste. Highly recommended
Very good

Straight munch ! Food fantasy cannabis ! Euphoric then warm then comfy then sleepy. Extremely chill. Dry eyes and mouth. Extra sensory awareness with relaxing outlook. Pheno dependent cheesy, sweet, woody orange peel tea nose. Very easy to grow

kinda week and has a weird taste but its pretty good ig

Live high report: Im feeling GREAT MAN! Im moving slow buts its ok because in can say what I'm typing as i type what I'm typing. Feeling REALLY chilled right now,I'm thinking about good things and I'm not stressing, i got uni exams and I'm feeling so anxiety what so ever. Great strain!
Very good

Very good

its an easy strain to grow taste a little fruity nice relaxying happy high. KIda lemon hashy smell to it . perfect for a laid back rainy sunday morning
Very good

legendary. but this if you see it
Very good

I do not know the full affects of this as I have only smoked it with other drugs, but from what I've experienced it's very high in the indica side and makes me extremely sleepy.
Very good

really fluffy, light buds. cheesy/fruity smell. really relaxing, heavy eyelids, very indica. a little couchlock-y. definitely recommended for relaxing.