Cherry Kola

Cherry Kola Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Amazing taste, nice mellow body high
Very good

Smells good, makes ya feel good. Feels like sativa at first but the body effects kick in
Very good

Nice relaxing Indica! Smoked a bowl of it after a rough day at work and all of the aches went away, muscle pain, headache, all of it. Not too sleepy, but still a great bedtime strain. Nice flavor as well!!
Very good

great highs,helped with pain and didn't have any paranoia.would grow this how daily use 👍👍💚
Very good

this strain definitely takes me back. Great euphoric couch lock feel. Great after a workout no soreness what so ever.

a chill vibe. Amazing sweet tart taste
Very good

CK gets you stupid high. Not like disabled high but mentally high. When I say stupid high I mean you have no sense of awareness; was cleaning dishes and just spilled water everywhere after I had smoked half of a J of CK. Overall great strain, definitely felt euphoria and relaxness. Sometimes I find indica strains easier to get stuff done and focus on larger tasks such as cleaning a room/ mowing a yard/ playing video games.....
Very good

This strain took me back to college. The giggles were in full effect. Be sure everyone hits it or you'll be the only one that gets the joke 90%of the time.

Definitely a fun and trippy strain. If you ever get the chance to smoke this, do so. I'm pretty sure this bud strain isn't to common as I've only seen it once. Feels like a cougher when taking the hit, but smooth once exhaled. This is probably one of my favorite strains, alongside girl scouts, and lemon haze.
Very good

Here we have a good relaxation strain. It calms me down without dulling my mind too much. The flavor is sweet and musty. This could easily be an all-day strain for most people.