Cherries Jubilee

Cherries Jubilee Cannabis Strain

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Very good

I asked for a mind raping sativa and was handed this. needless to say I was disappointed at first. however, I now enjoy it as a relax and go to sleep type flower. I usually prefer something heavier like a granddaddy purple, but this will do in a pinch.

This was a really rough strain to vape and while it did have me buzzing, the euphoric feeling left pretty quickly. I picked this strain up when it was $25 an eighth and accidentally bought two of them on back to back visits to the dispensary and so it was a long time to finish it all as I didn't look forward to vaping the flower when it was in my rotation. Cherries Jubilee isn't a very strong strain and what little high I ...
Very good

Definitely one of my top 5 favorite strains. It's an indica, but doesn't make you feel bogged down or glued to the couch. The flavor is nice, but what I like most about Cherries Jubilee is the feeling of euphoria and happiness it gives me. It also doesn't hurt that it never causes me paranoia or anxiety. Amazing.#420sweepstakes

Yum. I normally don't care much for the over sweet but this is a treat. This goes perfect rolled in a cone with a nice hash. I was surprised by how uplifting and relaxing this strain turned out. Highly recommend this strain if your lucky enough to find it.
Very good

Very relaxing and comfortable. Awesome body high.
Very good

after research and trying it myself leafly had this wrong, it's not a indica dominant hybrid it's a straight hybrid! hit me in head and body. frickin tingling and euphoric as hell! smells good tastes better,solid hybrid very mellow an heady.
Very good

This is a somewhat enigmatic indica due to its uplifting and energetic properties. In high doses, this cherry-tart-flavor-on-exhale bud creeps up on the body anchoring it to your seat.
Very good

bought thinking it would be a cheap filler to stretch my pain relief herbs, ended up loving it. before mixing into a salad I tried a solo dose to gauge it's potency and was genuinely surprised. and for the price that's remarkable. I highly recommend.
Very good

This is absolutely delicious! I actually taste cherries on the exhale. For me, the effects come on nice and smooth. Waves of happy, worry-free bliss followed by a body high to match. Mentally functional until the end when sleep finally takes me.
Very good

Fluffy nugs with light, sweet aroma and flavor. Mellowing hybrid high that affords for an altogether relaxing experience. More on the side of indica than sativa in terms of the potentially sleepy latent effects, yet somewhat uplifting at the onset.