Chem Scout

Chem Scout Cannabis Strain

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Very good

It relax’s for pain and stress. Great for night time.

Excellent! A favorite. Great for stress/ tension/ pain
Very good

One of the most potent strains I’ve come across, very euphoric, extremely tasty especially through glass, will be Definitely picking up some more in the future. And I have dabbed it before, can’t go wrong there.
Very good

I'm not much of a fan of indicas because I like to be productive after I smoke but this strain blew me away. Its great if you just want to forget about all your problems and just sit down and relax. I enjoy conversing with a close friend while on this strain because it clears the mind and helps you appreciate yourself, those around you, and life. In my top 5 strains and definately my favorite indica.
Very good

New favorite strain! Fruity gassy funk. Icky, and smooth. Awesome cross between Chemdawg 91 and GSC! Not as earthy as GSC. The breeder I got this batch from in norcal is a master. It is indica dominant, but the high will transform into whatever setting you are in. Over do this strain n and you will have major face melt and couchlock! New favorite for sure.
Very good

first time trying this strain and it's absolutely incredible, perfect for a smoke before bed or after a long day at work! completely relaxes you.
Very good

Focusing and cosmic are what first come to mind when I think about this beauty. The flowers are a deep emerald green, with nice speckles of light green and purple. Relatively fluffy for an indica hybrid. The aroma catches you right away and tingles the nose. Sweetly pungent and earthy. The smoke is smooth and earthy, a tiny bit skunky. The effects are really nicely balanced and not too sedating at all. Carrying the best trai...
Very good

FIRST THINGS FIRST *this is the business. Me and my boy use this for pain. this is wonderful for immediate relief. say goodbye :headache, cramps, loss of appetite, and also provided some insomnia relief. Last night, i was waiting for my advil to kick in at at 5AM- and couldn't even sit forward to grind this up before sweating and throwing up. With sweaty hand i turned on the fan. when a wave of shivering stopped- i took a hi...
Very good

While not being a fan of either chem dog or GSG, somehow this mix worked wonders. The MDMA of indica! Can't wait to get more.
Very good

Chem Scout is easily on my all-time favorites list. I would even say it's in my top ten. Beautiful buds that sparkle when sunlight hits them. Very heady-high, dissociative at times. Ideal for nighttime use. Great to watch a movie and let your mind float away into a great nights sleep. I broke my back a couple years ago and this strain not only knocks out my pain, it takes my mind off it as well. Anyone with chronic pa...