Chem D.O.G.

Chem D.O.G. Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Couch lock Gives you a relaxed calm feeling for naps

Smoked so much but honestly didn’t really feel anything. Felt like I was smoking a mid sour but I did feel a little relaxed and smooth feeling
Very good

After getting two 8ths im...convinced it's some really good stuff,I must say rite off the bk you taste this spice/kush taste very nice,I describe this in one word heavy,especially leaning towards the evening,definitely will RELAX" you into sleep
Very good

THAT TASTE! I usually couldn't care less about the taste as long as it's potent. But this is a nice little treat. For me the high is obviously indica. Gives you a nice relaxing body buzz great for Netflix & chill. If you can find this strain pick it up if you need a good night sleep, but make sure you're actually getting this strain.
Very good

It was exactly what I was looking for muscles finally relaxed lower back pain subsided

Great strain, extremly relaxing... But ist pretty strong, so stay carefull with the dosage

Very decent bud
Very good

really relaxing but also makes me happy and talk alot 😇

Definitely an Indica. Really relaxed me though.

Really relaxing