Champagne Kush

Champagne Kush Cannabis Strain

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It hits really quick but not incredibly hard like a heavy indica would but this strain has the same mind and muslce sedated feel without you passing out completely. This is great for somone that has a lot on their mind, stress, anxiety etc... Keeps you at a serene and calm pace with an uplifting feel. Tastes and smokes great as well.
Very good

good uplifting high made my body feel like i was just sitting on a cloud all my aches and pains faded away
Very good

This changes your whole affect. It’s a great face buzz and makes ya feel completely content.

amazing flavor but the high is not very strong or long lasting. minimal paranoia but that may be because it is lower in thc than most top shelf cannabis

Worst tasting strain. If you vape don’t even try. And the high doesn’t last more than an hour or two. Even after quite a few bowls.
Very good


very pungent taste. too much for me

one of those “with enough consumption” buds, looks good, smells ok, not too pungent, high is ok, but instead of 2 bowl packs i need about 4-5 to get me off my rocker (how i usually like to be) as far as taste goes, it doesnt taste like anything or is it just me? i hit it out of papers, a clean bong, & a bowl, even used a hemp wick.
Very good

it's good weed. great starter
Very good

I dont know what it is but i have never let anything drop on this strain i always subconsciously catch it before it hits the ground so if you want to feel like a ninja this the strain for you