CBD Shark

CBD Shark Cannabis Strain

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I got it from Medecan. The taste and flavour were atrocious. The effects were a little racy with a clear head.
Very good

Pretty good strain, definitely helps with my anxiety. However, the taste is quite strong, I wish it was a little more subtle. Nevertheless, the very close 1-1 ratio of the THC and CBD really helps with my focus, and anxiety. I know that there is a spectrum of THC/CBD ratio percentages people can get; I got a bottle that had 4% THC and 6.82% CBD and its remarkable. Thanks Tweed!
Very good

I'm glad I tried this strain. it relaxed my bones and eased my pain. after a hard days work. t really made me feel good without the head high.
Very good

helped with my anxiety a fuck ton and made me feel like I was in the middle of a cinnamon roll
Very good

I will be honest with this, I struggle with severe anxiety and panic disorder as well as insomnia and restless legs. When I am getting ready for bed I will smoke some and everything just disappears. My anxiety is gone and my legs start to relax as well. In my experience with CBD Shark my heart rate stays steady which in the past some other strains I've tried have elevated my heart rate, which is a common trigger for anxiety....

I got some CBD shark shock via Tweed Main Street here in Canada. This is the first time I’ve tried a balanced THC/CBD flower (I’m usually taking blue dream/holy grail/cotton candy). I love that I can smoke a little more than usual with CBD shark - I find smoking a super relaxing activity and am usually a little bummed that my smoking time is short (total lightweight). The effects creep up - nothing happens instantaneously. S...
Very good

for me this strain is a powerful pain relief with minimal head high depending on THC ratio. this will induce a sleepy effect after about 30mins, also I experienced the munchies which I great for those needed an increased appetite. this strain will definitely help with what ever ills you have.
Very good

Use for anxiety. This is the perfect level of euphoria that is entirely non-anxiety producing. Plenty of CBD to soothe the nerves. Not overly sedating, although it is particularly pleasant at night to wind down. Very enjoyable.
Very good

Best strain I’ve EVER smoked for chronic pain! The amount of CBD is crazy high.

I love this strain!! There is a definite head change and it helps with my chronic pain. I can be happy to get all my house work done and be active or change it up and relax on the couch, petting cats and jamming to some good tunes. Either way, it is a wonderful experience!