CBD OX Cannabis Strain

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Very good

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For the past several years, I have struggled with multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgi, cervical dystonia, and cervical dystonia, along with chronic migraines. I get several procedures to relax my muscles: biotic throughout my back to relax muscles, myobloc injected into my neck to relax my neck muscles, occipital nerve blocks injected into the back of my skull, along with steroid injections into my lower back for Lumbado. And ev...

Great indica strain! Good smelling CBD strains are hard to come by which is why I was surprised of CBD OXs great smell. Great for fighting anxiety and insomnia. I'd put this strain up there with my favorite CBD strains.
Very good

this has honestly been some of the best medicine I've ever tried gave me the best euphoric effect I've had since moonrock
Very good

This is one awesome strain. It helps amazingly with my crohn's disease and back pain. The smell is wonderful and so is the taste. I highly recommend this strain.