Cannatonic Cannabis Strain

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Very good

I love this strain all day but mostly for morning/day use. Fantastic for morning/day use to get a high dose of CBD (with some THC) in a delicious tasting flower: lemon, skunk, hazey. I find it extremely helpful for muscle pain, tension, headaches, and as a migraine preventative (as well as being fantastic to vape if I feel a headache/migraine coming) One of my favorite high CBD strains.
Very good

Great for depression, cause a lit bit headaches.
Very good

Great stuff. If you were looking for a strain that will not make you feel stoned then this is a winner. Whether you take a small amount vaping from the flower or a relatively large amount, you will find good results. Calm. Warm. Slow. And it does make you a little bit stupid. :) having conversations with others will quickly remind you that you’re under the influence of something.
Very good

Perfect for my inflammation
Very good

I have been wanting to try this strain, because it is a 2:1 CBD/THC strain. It is the best CBD strain I have found so far. Not a lot of THC, but just enough for the entourage effect. Grown by State Flower, the house brand of The Apothecarium. I only use flower vaporizers, I do not smoke, so this is perfect for when I want to increase my CBD intake.
Very good

Pick it up every chance I get great for stress and pain
Very good

This is a powerfully unique strain. IT produces a full body and mind CBD well-feeling sensation and calmness, fairly quick. It will take away or reduce neuromuscular pain after about 30 minutes or so. The feeling of well-being-ness lasts for a few hours. In short: Superb anxiety-buster! Love it.
Very good

A life saver, literally, this is the best strain i’ve ever smoked, i felt relaxed but energized at the same time, mental clarity at it’s best and i just can’t describe how much this strain was beneficial for me
Very good

Brass Knuckles + Alpine 1:1 Cartridge gets me very high
Very good

In my short experience with smoking, this flower has been the ultimate pain soother and muscle spasm killer! If I'm ever in pain. This is my go to!