CannaSutra Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Just wow! Def a heavy hitter. Aroused? Sure my wife enjoyed it but wow did it knock me out. Super heavy Indica with that knock you on your butt meds. Helped with my back pain too. Certainly recommended!
Very good

This strain is awesome. The indica shines through a little bit more than the sativa but you can certainly feel both. This strain is quite relaxing and great to calm down or wind down with. Taste is amazing, very nice and fruity. I wouldn't say this is a very energizing hybrid by any means, hits just how you would expect a good hybrid to. When I get this strain it is named Kamasutra by the extraxtion company i get it from, wh...

After reading the other reviews about this strain I was expecting more. The bud was named Caterpillar's Cannasutra. Maybe it was the grow but this bud seemed to be your average, non-descript Indica.
Very good

Hit hard, almost too harsh but the aroma is the perfect jet fuel diesel smell. Got me coughing to tears & stoned for a good 90 mins. Highly rec!
Very good

Wow Amazing
Very good

Really did deserve to win first place! Potent as F. My new favorite strain

Have enjoyed Csu for over 6 years. I appreciate the hybrid's parentage, dialing in just a good balance of pain relief and mind expansion.
Very good

I'm not sure about the strain as a whole. But Medibis's cannasutra gave a very pleasant taste and flavorful rips. the high was very relaxing and definitely did the job.