Cannalope Haze

Cannalope Haze Cannabis Strain

What is Cannalope Haze

DNA Genetics gives us the crossing of Cannalope and G13 Haze to produce Cantaloupe Haze. Long big buds with sweet dank tastes are useful in the treatment of arthritis, glaucoma and migraines. This is a perfect strain for using during the day. A euphoric relaxed high that will stimulate your mind while delivering a happy smile provoking bud that can keep you happy for several hours.  A 56 to 70 day flowering period is needed for this strain.

Cannalope Haze Effect And Attributes

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Happy (100%)
Uplifted (95%)
Euphoric (83%)
Creative (78%)
Energetic (76%)
Sweet (100%)
Tropical (52%)
Flowery (36%)
Spicy/Herbal (28%)
Tree Fruit (24%)
Dry Mouth (100%)
Dry Eyes (57%)
Paranoid (26%)
Dizzy (26%)
Headache (13%)

Cannalope Haze Flavors

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