Candy Cane

Candy Cane Cannabis Strain

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Very good

As I sit here I ponder greater things....... Damn I’m hungry but I can’t get up.... Never mind.
Very good

I grew several plants outdoors last season. Beautiful plant. Wonderful aroma. It is so relaxing, not a sedative thing, relaxing as in clearing the mind of stress ... and the body too. Nice strain to hang out with. You'll head to dreamland later, again not because you're drugged asleep but because you're so stress free. It's a wonderful strain for making edibles. I'll grow it again.

Really nice, relaxing strain. Helps mildly with pain, but mostly for stress and insomnia. I struggle with falling asleep and staying asleep, and this fixes that right up. It doesn’t make you “sleepy”, per se, it just helps clear your mind so that you can chill out and drift away. I’ve had a couple issues with paranoia while using this blend, but nothing too bad.
Very good

Super sleepy. I have been cropping this strain for a while and currently growing for my girlfriend in hydro set up. This plant grows some crazy crystal-bud. I have also grew white widow and that was hard as hell but candy cane will put you to sleep like a baby. Currently growing strawberry kush and candy cane. One thing about candy cane grows like thunder from veg to bud. Very fast maturing plant especially from new seed...
Very good

If grow in colder conditions bud will turn purple. Night (55-59F) day (64-68F$

Taste Good, Sweet Candy Taste Good Flavor
Very good

My nephew this stain and it was great for my anxiety. Set!

This Candy Cane Strain is too indica for me...saving grace is the creative mind state and bit giggly. A bit of paranoia for me and spacey/sleepy. And man...thirsty
Very good

Peppermint candy cane, yum yum yummy :) it has the best relaxing feelings you will ever feel prior to bed. Top it off with a body buzz that dance you to sleep because all your muscles becomes jelly-like. Woozerrr!

not a bad bud. my eyes are very heavy right now made me really lazy but the smoke is good.