Cactus Cooler

Cactus Cooler Cannabis Strain

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What is Cactus Cooler

Blue Dream and OG Kush combined to deliver the sativa dominant Cactus Cooler.  An upbeat cerebral kick  is promised while it will help you to remain focused and productive. This is a great strain for boosting the senses and encouraging a euphoric buzz. Mouthwatering sharp lemon and sweet wildflowers are part of this buds profile. Cactus Cooler is the strain you will enjoy during the day helping to fight depression, be mindful this strain can create anxious feelings for some.

Cactus Cooler Effect And Attributes

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Euphoric (100%)
Happy (75%)
Energetic (75%)
Creative (75%)
Focused (63%)
Citrus (100%)
Earthy (60%)
Pine (40%)
Orange (40%)
Sweet (40%)
Dry Mouth (100%)
Dry Eyes (100%)
Headache (50%)
Anxious (50%)

Cactus Cooler Flavors

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