Buddha Tahoe

Buddha Tahoe Cannabis Strain

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Sneak up on you, Wow ,I like it.

I'm so high wtf
Very good

Fuzzy relaxation with creative flowy thoughts that remain centered. Release from gut symptoms.
Very good

I think I have become part of the couch

I love an uplifting relaxing high and I’d say it delivers this very well. I absolutely love the taste. The chemical smell kind off put me off at first but i later found out that’s the way it is meant to smell.
Very good

love it just picked it up here I'm town and gotta say it's a classic kush type of smoke

Very nice Indica strain. This isn't a very heavy body high, more so cerebral high but not like a sativa. I only smoke indicas. Buddha lifted me out of my depression and relaxed my tension and stress. It has made me more giggly and overall positive. Also has given me the munchies. Not a whole lot of dry mouth or dry eyes. I don't get any anxiety. Very nice strain. Just wish there was much more body high.
Very good

Buddha Tahoe OG... what can you say?! This beautiful Indica is my everyday smoke. The earthiness and citrus taste is perfect for getting the day started. A couple of hits and you are set for business. However, when you get home and start to settle in, spark up the rest of that joint and melt the night away.
Very good

strong head high, has me energized for the first half and then I pass out into a peaceful slumber.
Very good

It’s a good guess you will be meditating like a happy Buddhist on Buddha Tahoe. It’s excellent for double-shifters and insomniacs wanting to have some downtime before going to bed. It has the combination of uplifting and relaxing effects on the body which will put a smile on anyone’s face. Partake with ease unless you want to take a shortcut to nirvana.