Buddha's Sister

Buddha's Sister Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Mmmm, this feels like wrapping up in a warm blanket with a cup of hot cocoa while it's gently snowing outside. Wonderful for body relaxation, a gentle elating effect and a general sense of ease. Great 'right-before-bed' strain.

Make ya feel like a membah of da Buddha fam.
Very good

Excellent for PTSD.
Very good

Tried this in vape oil. It's becoming one of my favorite medicines. Buddha's sister reminds me of Blue Dream and Huckleberry, relaxing and pain free with no drowsiness unless partaken too much then it will knock you out. Would buy again if either one of these strains are unavailable.
Very good

Great muscle relaxation. Completely demolishes my pelvic pain and leaves me very aroused instead. That’s kind of amazing! I sometime mix it with ACDC to up the cbd content, with great results!

I smoked a large amount of Buddhas Sister and it was really, really intense. If you are not a veteran smoker or a high tolerance smoker you may want to get more experiences before hitting this strain because it will seriously wipe you out. While my anxiety was definitely dampened I had really serious cotton mouth and I became seriously paranoid. Smoke in a relaxed and comfortable environment, everyone!
Very good

One of my favorite strains!
Very good

Buddha’s Sister has been on my Leafly “favorites” list for some time, based on reviews and effects, but I had yet to try it. My go-to dispensary (Central Ave. Compassionate Care) had some so I picked up an 8th. This stuff lives up to my expectations and reviews. Full body & mind buzz without the “where’s my phone? Oh, it’s here in my hand!” stuff. I was also leery of getting the munchies due to its indica dominances. ...

One of my favorite indicas due to how versatile it is. It works absolutely well for both trouble falling/staying asleep as well as PTSD nightmares, not to mention it makes me more giggly. It even works well in small doses in the morning/afternoon to take stress off (even if it won't help focus you or energize you). It tastes great and has a nice aftertaste to it too, plus the smell (in my experience) isn't overwhelming or st...
Very good

nice heavy full body high and relaxation. sweet and smooth to smoke. slowed reflexes. sleepy. calm.