Buddha Haze

Buddha Haze Cannabis Strain


What is Buddha Haze

Buddha Haze is the result of crossing Amnesia Haze and Manga Rosa. Buddha Haze will fill the air with musky undertones, combined with mango and herb aromas. The buds are a slight amber colour nestled in orange hairs. Fatigue, migraines, depression and chronic stress are all conditions that are aided when using this strain. This strain is best used during the daytime. Highs from this THC level strain (26%) may be a little extreme for the beginner. A heady tingle starts the show extending into an upward mood swing with giggly social happiness following. This is  71-91 day flowering cycle strain.

Buddha Haze Effect And Attributes

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Uplifted (100%)
Happy (93%)
Euphoric (79%)
Relaxed (57%)
Giggly (57%)
Sweet (100%)
Spicy/Herbal (83%)
Earthy (67%)
Citrus (33%)
Woody (33%)
Dry Mouth (100%)
Dry Eyes (67%)
Anxious (33%)
Dizzy (33%)
Paranoid (33%)

Buddha Haze Flavors

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