Bubble Cheese

Bubble Cheese Cannabis Strain

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Very good

A great mix of several potent strains. The effects are relaxing and sedative.
Very good

almost a fruity cheese a creeper and very strong satriva like the description says and good for hunger
Very good

Smells like cheese and pinewood, same as taste, but there's an added hint of something there; it's fresh, lavender and mint, flowers. Took me 45 minutes to roll another one. Slow Mo Time. Light flashy, orby CEVs. Bad focus, but enthousiastic. Would recommend for chillout sesh with stoner friends.
Very good

Great strain! Very clear headed... good for creativity. Nice fresh flavour too 💚

Nice buds, can definitely tell it's a hybrid by structure and trichrome colour. As with any cheese cross, the cheese flavour remains but it won't have your whole house stinking. More on the indica side of highs, would recommend using in the nighttime, unless you have anything pure indica. But overall not bad at all, beats standard uk cheese for sure, #boycottthecheese
Very good

Great smell, look, and taste. High is more on the body side so it makes it hard to smoke and do anything too physical, plus it's a bit spacey on the head high at times. Regardless it's still a great bud for bed time or relaxing
Very good

It is very underrated. had it the first time when a friend of mine grew it. It gave me a pretty strong high that lasted long. it was very nice and I would really recommend to try it.

Not the strongest indeed, I can function easily with this strain. Makes me laugh a bit :)

Never heard of the strain, until and I smoked and got blazed. Underrated bud.
Very good

Great, almost heavy feeling high. it hits you deep but you can still feel creative and outgoing. Really would recommend it