Bubba's Gift

Bubba's Gift Cannabis Strain

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Very good

It’s a good strain got me high it’s not.A five just cause of the fact that it didn’t get me sleepy And it’s missing the Euphoric feeling I Definitely recommend to the hybrid smokers out there
Very good

This strain is an interesting case for me. Having smoked God's Gift and enjoying it's euphoric notes, this guy took me by surprise. With effects more similar to a sativa, in the feelings of being energized, alert, and very a.d.d. The smoke itself is very nice, mellow with an almost cheesey flavor on the exhale. Definitely a strain for getting shit done in an hour or two and then sawing some logs in a nap.
Very good

This is always one of my favorite strains. Easily has a spot on my top 10 list. I’ve had this strain many times, all from the same grower, Phat Panda. It has a beautiful appearance of purple and green, with medium amount of orange hairs and frosty as a snowman’s nuts. Delicious grape smell and taste. Very fruity. I’m always a sucker for a nice tasty fruity strain. I took one solid bong rip from my hash tech percolator ...
Very good

First taste was off a perc bong and it was tasty, not so much of the fruitiness that most people speak of present but still a smooth smoke. Definitely heady but still able to function and not locked down. Nice strain overall.

Bubba's gift is a semi functional flower in that it will not make the user feel sleepy immediately. This beautiful tasting bud will also not motivate or do anything that involves moving too much. Found this strain to be very lethargic both on my body & mind which can be very welcoming sometimes. This flower should be avoided when user needs to be on top of their game. The flavor is sweet & skunky top notch for the ol fac...
Very good

Very sweet, fruity & flowery taste ! Proud of this Canadian made strain. Nice Indica high with a mysterious boost of energy. A must try the taste is amazing and feeling one of a kind.

This was a freebie seed from Herbie's that I grew and turned out to be an awesome strain. An indica, but the effects are closer to a balanced hybrid. It gives a little tingle in the brain at first, but the relaxing body effect falls over you and makes this a happy stone. The smell is really sweet and flowery. The buds are a beautiful, deep purple that are fat and dense. I always vape this one and it is such a happy and enjo...
Very good

This strain produces some of the best looking buds I've seen personally. The purple and green is so vibrant. It compliments the, what I can only describe as fruit loops, smell. You can smell so many different flavors! The even better thing is, that flavor doesn't burn away when taking even big hits! It's strong! Makes for a beautifully pleasant smoke. Definitely a gradual high, starting with slight body weightlessness type o...
Very good

I first tried this strain 4 or 5 months ago, and it's by far my most fav. I've been waiting for it to come back in stock, ever since! Glad I checked the menu bcuz now I'm gettin me more of that beautiful strain.

This strain really is a gift. I have severe anxiety (Generalized Anxiety Disorder as well as Panic Disorder). Bubba's Gift works amazingly well for my anxiety disorders. As a matter of fact, before I found this stuff I was taking Xanax as needed but since discovering this I haven't had to take it. That is something to be said!