Brains Damage

Brains Damage Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Smoked One Joint, next thing i knew i hit the deck.
Very good

Great high, made me very focused and happy, super euphoric, made me a little spacey but still very conscientious of what I was saying and thinking. With that being said I was very talkative. Overall very good strain and enjoyable high. This definitely is for someone who smokes often and may be a little intense for the first time, or casual smoker.
Very good

great strain while watching Rob Zombie's 31
Very good

The brain damage strain I received was a bit different from this one. As the budtender said, their strain was created by crossing skywalker og & sfv og. Outstanding texture. Definately look like platinum skywalker buds, light green with small oval shaped flower nugs. Light yellow fat hairs. Covered in crystals indeed. Smell really loud and full of jet fuel, remind me of a good batch of fresh abusive og. Burned well, the fl...
Very good

really good taste, one of my favorites

nice strain,very short grow with some very hard buds,very strong taste and high
Very good

Lovely hash taste very strong great great strain
Very good

body high ^_^ not for 1st timers gives a melow vibe
Very good

Very good indica. Best narcotic effect I've ever seen in weed. Unusual couch lock and forgetfulness. Dense buds.

Brains Damage is a four-way cross, all the parents are indicas, making this strain a very stable, consistent single phenotype plant. Brain Damage boasts one of the highest THC levels somewhere between 15-20% and truly medicates patients to a point where they just want to sleep. This specific strain is exceptional for relieving the body of any muscle aches, pains and sprains and can be used to treat anxiety and severe stre...