Blueberry Skunk

Blueberry Skunk Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Beautiful bud! Strong at first, but definitely smoothens out. Smells and tastes great and really sets my anxiety to an ease.
Very good

Recommended!! Relaxing after a long day.
Very good

immediate indica blast to the skull, a direct hit that sinks into the body...classic environmental stone
Very good

Excellent flavor. Sweet blueberry combined with the right amount of earthy flower mixed in. Breaks out perfect with uplifting aroma. Light smoke, not harsh at all. Calming and focusing effects.
Very good

Despite the absolutely garbage batch of shatter I picked up in this strain, it's still a solid indica strain. My wax has 41% THC 46% CBD, I picked up a gram in total by Liberty concentrates. When made properly this strain as a concentrate it's phenomenal. The skunk mixes perfect with the blueberry
Very good

Really nice Indica dominant hybrid. It has enough sativa in it as well, so i find it balances out. Great for pain and depression.
Very good

This is a very nice, smooth smoke. Great for evenings, but also great for daytime on the right day. Skunky blueberry, what else do you want in an Indica? If my research is correct, this is Blueberry(80/20) crossed with Skunk #1 (65/35), Indica/Sativa. A nice relaxing high. I find that I can modulate the effect by how much I smoke. Have a couple of hits during the day and ur cool. Take 5 or 6 and enjoy the couch loc...
Very good

Overall good strain. Has a great smell with a similar taste. Very pungent smell of Blueberry goodness. A good daytime strain. Also has a mild concentration of CBD
Very good

Wonderful Strain. It has a little CBD in it and you feel the difference especially in your body and behind your eyes. Very relaxing. The flavor is nice too, the Skunk doesn’t dominate but does combine nicely with the blueberry. Neither flavor overpower each other, which I like.

wildly relaxing, blessed giggles and huge rushed of positivity