Blueberry Headband

Blueberry Headband Cannabis Strain

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Very good

I love this strain!!!!!!! I get it as concentrate in the form of a disposable vape from my local dispensary. This is my go to vape pen at the moment! Great for a wake and bake or before bed, this hybrid is perfect for any occasion.

This was a nice and easy high. The bud is sticky and thick, really nice color. High lasts about an hour after a bowl. Would smoke this any time I wanted to read, relax, or unwind with some music while cooking dinner. 10/10 will smoke again.
Very good

this strain is awesome for pain with relaxation. my cramping went into 1/2 in minutes into a vape session. headband 707 has the same halo-headband tingling. but the blueberry part gives you a nice body high I went from pain to productivity. depressed to dancing.
Very good

One of my favorites, helps me unwind after a day at work and relaxes my anxiety. My go to med
Very good

A 5 star review. Initially i was disappointed because i thought it was going to give me a boost. Well, after trying it again while baring in mind it's potency and effects, this is definitely going to be an emergency strain. Panic attacks, sleepless nights, bad periods, or rainy days that make my knees and back hurt more than usual. In a small hit, i was still able to function as usual. However, my tolerance is really high. ...

Much more heady than I expected. Pleasantly surprised actually. The smell is very earthy, diesel, with a hint of sweetness. The taste is much sweeter, floral, with a berry finish. The buds are caked, some purple leaves showing the blueberry genetics. But again, I think where this strain really shines is in its medicinal value. Any aches I had melted away, my body feels loose, airy. I could watch football or mow the yard and ...

Umami flavor, great smoke. Hits you right away and is euphoric and creative.

provides alil energy. I use it when I go out & about 😉
Very good

A very uplifting experience with this strain. Dense nuggets easy to break down. Enhanced my creativity and put my energy level on blast. I believe I even thanked the bud for getting me up and about thats how evident the difference in my mood was. Picked a gram of this up at Seven Clover in Nob Hill Albuquerque. I was pleasantly surprised with the overall experience with this Berry Band as it was one of their $9.30 grams.
Very good

I personally love this strain because it smokes different everytime, and i can actually taste the blueberry sweetness afterwards... (FYI: I write these after trying a bowl of it, while feeling the effects.)