Blueberry Cheesecake

Blueberry Cheesecake Cannabis Strain

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Very good

What a strain, this is the only strain i can wake and bake with and still be more active during the day then if i wasnt to smoke true fact.

A really fun and flavorful oil cartridge from Revolution labs. The best thing about this oil is the awesome flavor. Blueberry, graham cracker, and cream cheese flavor with a lightly sweet finish. The effect is strong relaxation with some pain relief. This did not make me drowsy, but it did relieve my pain and allowed me to fall asleep more easily.
Very good

one of my favorites
Very good

Had a run-in with some blueberry cheesecake shatter this weekend. I found myself weaving in and out of a kush coma the entire 48 hours, I would bet 22 were sleeping. I also consumed 2 munchies meals in one sitting and then a full large pizza and desert the next. Given I hadn’t had a dab in 15 days at this time, but truly good stuff.

Gives me a headache. 1g for $18, not surprised.

I'll get more. Given the varieties available to choose from, that alone says something. This is delightfully stoney, one that hits behind the eyes and makes you squint, which makes you smile, and before you know it you feel like Buddha... dude, I just said you'd feel like Buddha...I don't SAY things like that. This is some seriously wonderful flower...

so here is a rare treat for everyone what do you do whenever you take a strain like blueberry cheesecake and mix it with someone who has been diagnosed with autism or Asperger's? anybody wondering my first experience when taking blueberry cheesecake my hi lasted at least 8 to 10 hours long and it was the most euphoric uplifting happy stress-free environment that I have ever been put in it was like being relaxed and comfortab...
Very good

Big fan of this strand, great head high, really mellow vibe with a pretty good taste. still able to focus and go out in public. haha that's a huge plus

made me sleepier than i was hoping for
Very good

Great for day time if you watch your intake. Definitely gets me up and going, however I find that in larger amounts it can cause me some dizziness- not particularly uncomfortable, just might make you want to lay down and hang out. Take this one easy and see how it affects you if you have a low tolerance. Otherwise the info described above is pretty spot on (effects, medical, negative) and overall if you spot it pick some up...