Blue Zkittlez

Blue Zkittlez Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Doesn’t have a super strong smell but definitely a distinctive smell. Almost a haze smell. The buds are freaking huge nuggests and it breaks down really nice to give you a nice fat joint. As you start to smoke it doesn’t seem more of an indica dominant strain more of a sativa because of the light and relaxing feel but boy does this shit come down on you after a good 10-15 drags. Definitely sedating in effect and it makes...
Very good

I literally Saw the tree outside my window and it looked like it was painted like Van Gough painting. I Also made a business plan for a special kind of piggybank, as well as an idea for a Software program I actually may use these idea. Literally didn't move from my bed all day though. and ate aalllottt of food, so that happened.


Made me very angry and irritable and actually mad. I had PMS on steroids!!
Very good

Currently smoking Blue Zkittlez grown in Cali. Its my new favorite Indica strain, doesn't make me very tired but yet it relaxes me a great deal. Its the definition of mellowing out and just being positive.

it is an indica dominant strain. blue zkittlez starts off by reducing my anxiety and helping me think more clearly, then mellow calming effects in all aspects. I usually end up smoking another bowl/joint of this strain, because it tastes good and the effects are mellow and very pleasant. while it lacks in getting me to where I need to be off 1 joint, it makes up for in terpene profile and quality of flower. it is very fluffy...

Great strain. Smells sweet just like candy. The high is great. Started out with good mood, a little bit of energy and a lot of joking around. But then after awhile it kicks you in the head and I was out like a light into a peaceful night sleep. I gave this strain a 9 out of 10
Very good

Great strain to re-enter cannabis use. Really mellow. Actually got this by mistake but I am very happy with it.
Very good

Amazing and beautiful taste. Hits the spot just right in every way. Satisfying every inch the way down🌈🌈🌈
Very good

Came across this strain a few weeks ago. I absolutely love it. It’s great for after work to relax, it also doesn’t make me paranoid, anxious or have that racing heart effect, you’ll also have the best sleep once you get comfy and it starts to wear off. I highly recommend this strain.