Blue Magoo

Blue Magoo Cannabis Strain

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Very good

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Very good

For me this strain is the total package! Unreal terp profile, stunning light green/purple with a thick frost appearance and unforgettable medicinal qualities. This is a staple in my garden.
Very good

This is my favorite for pain. When you can find it.
Very good

It pains me to have moved back to michigan where this strain is not available. I miss watching this beautiful strain stack up in the mountains of washington
Very good

I recently got some Blue Magoo (95.89% total cannabinoids, 84.7%THC, terpenes 3.69%, Myrcene 1.109%, Caryophyllene 0.643%, Linalool 0.478%) wax cultivated by Happy Cabbage in Oregon. This strain is amazing for my anxiety. As I do a dab, I am immediately hit by a small sativa like head high. Over 5 minutes, tingles travel up my legs and into my head. Once that happens, the sativa like high increases a bit, but then there is a...

This is my absolute favorite strain ever as a medical user. It smells amazing, it’s so calming and uplifting, and encourages me to eat. I feel creative and energetic enough to pursue that creativity. I struggle with anxiety, panic disorder, anorexia and chronic depression. Strains typically hit me the opposite of the norm, too. Blue Magoo for the win!
Very good

Bought this pre-rolled on a whim at a tiny lil pot shop while camping in Eastern WA for no other reason than its name. Smoked it and felt so calm and just generally content with life. Don’t have much pain so can’t really say much there but I am prone to headaches and paranoia and I didn’t get either of those with this. Didn’t feel lazy and didn’t get the munchies either which I really liked. 10/10 will buy again.

Upon first greeting the Bluest of Magoo’s, I noticed the finest of phenotypes; dense buds coupled with tight orange pistils and an earthy green complexion. The smell is very earthy with subtle floral notes. Mrs.Magoo was consumed using my favorite method; cbd blunt wraps. Post-inhalation reminded me of freshly cut grass combined with light fruity undertones, which is appreciated when considering the aftertaste. Effects: ...

Put me in a good mood and helped with focus, but I ended up with a headache. Pressure on my forehead and top of my head. Not the worst thing, but not fun either.
Very good

Holy cow what a creeper high. i felt like someone anxji vggü kk qjuqydwd7jj hi jjjj see. I just feel asleep! but it felt it immediately after dabbing