Blue Lights

Blue Lights Cannabis Strain

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Very good

I love the taste of the blue lights strain. It has a little bit of a couch lock that's not so bad that you can't get up but it does keep you pretty sedated which is good for pain and anyone trying to calm their nerves. This is a great strain to do a reset after a lot of sativa. ☆
Very good

I loved this strain because of the high it gave me. It took the arthitis away in my kneecaps. It has all around good flavor and I would defenitly buy it again
Very good

Easily THE single strongest Indica I have ever medicated with. Grab your pillows because you are going night night time, for a LONG time. Also mixes very well in small amounts with other hybrids with high CBD content. But seriously, if you want to sleep... this is your strain. Chronic insomniacs- get some zzzzzz at last.

It’s a nice high, but makes you pass out. I could only smoke half a blunt without falling asleep. Also the only strain to ever give me a migraine. Blue dream is wayyy better.

After smoking for over a quarter century I can say this my favorite strain available, possibly ever. But opinions are like.....noses. And they all smell. Seriously tho, if you are looking for a quality indica and prefer fruity flavors instead of sour give this strain a try. A hit or two gives me a great sativa like head high. 4 or more hits and I remember it is an indica after hours of the most pleasant couch/brain lock. You...

I’m prefacing this review by making it clear I’m a veryyyyyy self aware person, so the body high I got from this left me disassociating for like 2 weeks after. Which is an awful feeling, if you’ve ever felt it. Anyway. This strain can also make you just move slower, and make it hard for your body to like, catch up with your brain if that makes sense?? I did have pretty bad back/neck pain when I took this and that went away c...
Very good

This strain is fire! Very relaxing strain. Gives you a great head high for a couple of hours then drifts you off to sleep. Love it!
Very good

strong great high definitely felt power relaxing mode
Very good

This shit gives you one of the best HIGHS ever!!! Love it
Very good

Better than advil, aspirin, tylenol, all the BS. If you suffer from pain and anxiety caused by the pain, you must grab a slice of this for your pantry.